Dr. Krohn's fish Philosophy

Fish are Pets Too.

Professional veterinary services by a Certified Aquavet for your fish and amphibians is finally at your fingertips.  Dr. Brad Krohn is an experienced aquatic veterinarian and is recognized as one of the top 15 marine veterinary professors. He is ready to help you navigate the waters of fish health and well-being...Goldfish, Koi, Bettas, Oscars, Plecos, Gobies, Tangs, Clownfish, Pufferfish, Seahorses, Eels, Axolotls...No problem is too big or small when it comes to professional veterinary fish care and advancing  the well-being of these intelligent and unique animals.  

Dr. Krohn promotes and nurtures the human-animal bond between people and fish and knows that your fish are unique and loved.  He understands the challenges of finding professional veterinary service for your valuable fish.