Dr. Krohn's Bio

A History of World-Renowned Fish Care

Brad Krohn DVM is a doctor of veterinary medicine and professor of veterinary technology.  He delivers college lectures in Fish Medicine, Diseases and Husbandry, Fish Anesthesia,  Fish Radiography and Water Quality Management of captive aquatic animals.  His special interests include preventive medicine, water quality assessment, fish anesthesia, fish surgery and wound care.     

Dr. Krohn  promotes and nurtures the human-animal bond between people and fish and knows that your fish are unique and loved.  He understands the challenges of finding veterinary service for your finned friends and is here to fill that niche enthusiastically.   ​ 

Dr. Krohn earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine  in 1999.  He completed an internship in Small Animal Internal Medicine and Surgery at the University of Prince Edward Island and is a  Certified Aquavet from Cornell University and the University Of Pennsylvania.  He studied fish medicine at the world-renowned National Marine Biological Laboratory and Oceanographic Institute in Wood's Hole, Massachusetts.

Dr. Krohn is the owner of Aquatic Veterinary Services of Oregon, a mobile fish veterinary practice that allows him to examine patients, assess water quality and life support systems, and perform diagnostic tests and treatments on-site for fish owners locally.

Dr. Krohn has recently been recognized as a "Top 15 Aquatic Animal Professor"  by VetTechColleges.com    

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